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What is MyZone?

Myzone is a wearable heart rate system. Through the use of wireless and cloud technology, it accurately monitors your physical activity.

Wearing your MyZone belt during exercise and physical activity helps you keep track of what’s going on inside so you get the results you want.

What Makes MyZone Different?

Conventional pedometers and accelerometers track how much you move. But they don’t tell you how HARD you’re working.

Myzone measures your workout intensity and duration, tracking how much effort you’re putting into your workout.

Knowing this data allows you to stay focused, increases your motivation and discipline to keep working hard.

This way, your goals are achieved much faster.

Unlike wrist worn trackers, MYZONE is super-accurate and includes important data on your exercise efforts.

Whether you’re performing cardio, group fitness, push-ups, burpees, strength training or cycling, MYZONE won’t let you down. It gives you the credit you deserve.

MyZone Effort Points: Gamify Your Workout.

Myzone tracks your workout and based on your intensity, displays that information in 5 colour-coded bars. The more effort exerted, the higher your zone; and the more Myzone effort points (MEPs) you earn.

In addition to tracking your heart rate and calories burned, earning MEP’s, turns fitness into a fun and exciting game.

MyZone App: You're Now Motivated To Train.

The Myzone App has built in challengers, goal setting, commenting, MEP’s and even allows you to share workouts.

Through all these features, your motivation to train just got better. Working out is now FUN.

MyZone MZ-3: The Most Versatile Fitness Tracker On The Market.

The MZ-3 tracker has 99.4% EKG accuracy.

The MZ-3 is the most versatile fitness tracker on the market. It uses Bluetooth, ANT+ and Analogue technology to provide real-time feedback on heart rate, calories, and effort.

Purchase the MYZONE MZ-3 through the link below and SAVE $70 off RRP price.