Looking For a Mature, Friendly and FUN South Melbourne Personal Trainer?

Matt Elphick is your mature South Melbourne Personal Trainer locals trust with their health and fitness.

In addition to caring for your results and goals, many regard him as the most trusted personal trainer in South Melbourne for 1-on-1 and group fitness training. If you’re looking to find a fitness trainer that has your weight loss, strength and transformation needs covered, then you’ve landed on the right page.

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Your South Melbourne Personal Trainer.

Having trained hundreds of clients over a career spanning 9 years and a university level fitness education, you can be certain Matt is the right South Melbourne personal trainer for you.

Check our reviews, scroll through to see what we’re about and view a few videos. Press any of the buttons below to call or make a FREE booking to chat about your next journey with us.

Outdoor personal training in South Melbourne - Fortify Fitness.

Matt is your South Melbourne personal trainer who’s caring, makes workouts fun and is known known for getting results fast.

Whether it’s weight loss, nutrition advice, getting stronger or increasing motivation, Matt has you covered.

With over 9 years of direct experience and University level fitness education, Matt can easily transform your mind, body and give you true scientific advice to meet your goals quicker and achieve your dream body.

Being a high-performance coach as well working with hundreds of clients and thousands of sessions as a personal trainer, you know you’ll be treated right from the moment you meet him.

Live or are near South Melbourne and thinking of personal training with Matt from Fortify Fitness? If so, check this page, read what people have said about him and watch our videos.

If you have questions about Personal Training with Matt, (whether 1-on-1 or group fitness) then press ‘Call Now’ or book your FREE consult below.


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Fortify Fitness is Not Your Average South Melbourne Personal Trainer.

Here are some reasons why South Melbourne locals trust Matt for their 1-on-1 Personal Training and Group Fitness:

  • Fitness Training With Progression, Measurements and Exercise Variety.

    Working with your South Melbourne personal trainer means you have structured results. Goals come first, then we track, measure and progress with fun exercises for a holistic transformation.

  • Physical Training, Mindset Coaching and Changing Your Motivation.

    Exercise alone will only get you half the results. When combined with mindset coaching and changing your motivational habits, you get results faster, your lifestyle habits change and results stick.

  • Working With Your Mind To Change Your Body.

    Once you set goals for yourself and know where you're heading, the physical training side of things comes more natural. In other words, your discipline is more focused and you naturally do what needs to be done. This way, you eliminate the common set-backs most people experience.

Videos of Past and Current Beginner Personal Training Clients.

Searching for a South Melbourne Personal Trainer That Can Help You Live A Life Filled With Confidence?

When you take charge and are in control of your body, you’ll realise exercise becomes motivational, you have a purpose and life becomes enjoyable.

Healthy eating seems natural, a fun new habit of yours and never a chore.

As a result, you’ll experience:

  • Fun Weight Loss.

    How much fun does weight loss become when you see results weekly?

  • Fitness Training To Reduce Stress.

    Fitness training is known for reducing stress. Now, when combining this with high performance coaching and fun results driven personal training - you easily overcome any stress you may be experiencing.

  • Fun Exercise Variety.

    Whether training in a gym, outdoors or at home, Matt always provides a variety of fun exercises and workouts that'll keep you entertained and at the same time working towards your ultimate fitness goal.

  • High Performance Mindset Coaching.

    You cannot enter a weight loss, strength, toning or wellness program until your mindset is right. If you have struggled with motivation or having a disciplined mind, then Matt can easily assist you. With a purpose, Fortify Fitness is here to change your mind to be positive and purpose driven.

In Just The First Month of Training With Fortify Fitness South Melbourne, You'll:

Experience Weight Loss.

Having Matt as your South Melbourne personal trainer, you'll discover new found energy and improve self-confidence.

Greater nutrition knowledge.

Transform quicker, lose weight, tone, focus better and wake up with bursting energy levels.

High Performance Mindset Coaching.

A masterful mindset shift through Matt's NLP coaching that can easily unlock whatever's holding you back and increase motivation like no other.

A Holistic South Melbourne Personal Training Service That Has All Your Needs Covered.

If you’re looking to find a South Melbourne Personal Trainer near you who takes care of ALL aspects of your transformation, then Fortify Fitness has you covered.

From taking time to understand your goals, your personality, tracking your progress, increasing motivation and expert technical training sessions, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t see your body change, fast.

Here are the 3 aspects and approaches Fortify Fitness takes when training you.

1. Understanding Your Personality.

The most important element before training starts is understanding who you are. Having a chat, going through your goals and why you need personal training is vital and sets the foundation for our journey together.

2. Professional Progress Tracking.

As your personal fitness trainer, Matt tracks your progress so you don’t have to. This includes all measurements and exercise progression. When you’re expertly tracked, your trainer will always know what to do next so you'll never get 'stuck' - and you're always progressing and seeing results.

3. Technical Personal Training Sessions.

With a University level fitness education, Matt knows how to get you results. And the secret to getting you guaranteed transformation is to make sure you’re performing each exercise correctly. This results in your workouts being efficient, shorter and you’ll get stronger without injury.

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Matt playing with the TRX on a BOSU ball (one of his favourites).

Which Training Would You Like?

1-On-1 South Melbourne Personal Training.

Professional 1-on-1 private training sessions in South Melbourne.

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Matt becomes your dedicated personal trainer and works with you privately.

This option are for those wishing to work privately and get faster, personalised results.

Small Group Fitness Training.

The perfect alternative to 1-on-1 Personal Training.

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With a maximum of just 4 people (and 10 for outdoor) Fortify Fitness group training is for those wanting to work with like-minded people.

With just a limited number of people in a semi-private group, Matt still tracks your progress, corrects exercise technique and provides a FUN variety of workouts you’ll enjoy.


Fortify Fitness South Melbourne.

Servicing South Melbourne, Port Melbourne, Albert Park, Docklands and surrounds. If you live or work close by and want to work near me, then I can have a variety of personal training options in South Melbourne. Depending on your goals, you can be trained in a local gym, outdoor training, or virtual online coaching.



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