Looking For a Mature Fitness Consultant In Melbourne?

If you’re searching for a fitness consultant that can give you the most accurate and expert assessment in Victoria, then you’ve found the right place.

Fortify Fitness brings you the best in fitness consulting assessment and training Melbourne has to offer.

Using the AxIT system, you’re run through a series of comprehensive movement tests using 3 devices to gain valuable objective data on how to move.

Latest Technology

You're assessed using the latest assessment technology previously only found in million dollar sports clubs so that we can look after you like an elite athlete!

Measure Imbalances

Having imbalances is what holds you back from achieving the fitness and performance you desire. With the AxIT system, we can measure this so you keep motivated to see improvement at each session

Measure Every Muscle in The Human Body

With our fitness consulting, we can strength test every muscle in your body and provide a plan to re-gain the hidden power and performance your body is capable of.

AxIT System Assessment: The Most Trusted Fitness Consulting in Melbourne

AxIT assessment measures what can’t be seen. If you’re not measuring, you’re guessing.

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The AxIT System Helps

Measure Your Movement Baselines

Know your body’s limitations and work on to improve the way you move and perform.

Correct Imbalances

Prevent injury, correct pain and improve posture by correcting muscle and movement imbalances.

Track Progression Over Time

With elite level equipment, you’re professionally tracked and you know exactly when you’re progressing and improving.

The AxIT System measures every muscle In the Body including:

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Professional Fitness Consultation Screening With The AxIT System.

At Fortify Fitness, we use the AxIT system of fitness testing. This  is state-of-the-art technology was previously only available to elite sporting clubs. Only a few fitness businesses have access to this level of fitness consulting in Australia. We’re one of them.

Your fitness consultant will take you through 2 appointments.

Appointment 1 (45 mins).

In your initial assessment, we include a functional movement screen and strength testing.

This will address any injuries & muscular imbalances you may have. This will help us assist in creating an evidence based exercise program, so you can accomplish whatever fitness goals you may have.

Appointment 2 (30 minutes).

In this session, we run through your results, assess your body and present you with an exercise program tailored to your goals and abilities.

Fitness Consulting Appointment 1

Fitness History

We go through your history, so we can tailor the best exercise solution for you.

Functional Movement Screening

We address any injuries or muscular imbalances you may have for the ultimate in performance and conditioning.

Strength Testing

We test, measure and assess your baseline strength and focus on improving your lifting capabilities.

Fitness Consulting Appointment 2

Results Assessment

We talk over your results, what it means and how the training will improve your goals.

Tailored Exercise Program

We formulate a tailored exercise program for you that you can do on your own or with the assistance of your trainer.

Training Options

You’ll be presented with a range of training options recommended by your trainer to specifically achieve your goals.


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