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Fortify Fitness is a lgbtq safe space personal training studio in Melbourne
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LGBTQIA+ Personal Trainer Melbourne

Looking For a Gay, LGBTQIA+ Friendly Personal Trainer in Melbourne?

Fortify Fitness Personal Training, located in Altona, specialises in weight loss, strength training, rehab and body transformation.

Our easy-going nature means you’re assured of comfort, great chats and you’ll even consider us a friend as we work hard to deliver you the results you want.

Matt and the team are results driven and caring, many have regarded us as the most trusted LGBTQIA+ inclusive team, servicing the Gay and LGBTQIA+ community of Melbourne and Altona, for both private 1-on-1 and group personal training.

Small Group Fitness Classes.

Do you want a workout that offers a social element and a focus on personal goals? Our group fitness classes are the answer. All fitness levels are welcome, and you’re motivated to achieve your very best.

1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions.

1-on-1 fitness training sessions and custom-built exercise plans, catering to your unique fitness goals, needs, and skill levels.

These sessions include dietary advice, lifestyle habits and offer clients the motivation and accountability to achieve their fitness goals.

Servicing The LGBTQIA+ Community of Melbourne's Western Suburbs

Based in Altona, Fortify Fitness is the gay personal training studio for 1-on-1 and group fitness. So, if you’re looking for a gay personal trainer, wanting workout variety and high-performance workouts, then Fortify Fitness is for you.


LGBTQIA+ Personal Trainer

An inclusive and supportive personal trainer, highly trusted by the local community, who is knowledgeable in weight loss, strength training, rehabilitation, and overall well-being, with a particular focus on creating a welcoming environment for individuals identifying as Gay, LGBTQIA+, and other diverse backgrounds.

Gay Personal Trainer LGBTQ Melbourne


Fun Workout Variety

Huge workout variety for both 1-on-1 and group fitness. Every session is kept friendly, fun and challenging.


High Performance Workouts

Using the AXiT system, you’re assured of precise movement patterns for scientific strength, conditioning and performance.

Fortify Fitness: For Those Looking For a Queer Friendly Personal Trainer in Melbourne

Let's work together and reach your fitness goals.

No matter your fitness goal – whether it’s shedding weight, undergoing a transformation, gaining strength, or recovery, Fortify Fitness is dedicated to helping you achieve it.

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Whether you want weight loss, transformation, strength building or rehab, Fortify Fitness is here to help you.