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Fortify Fitness is a lgbtq safe space personal training studio in Melbourne
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Personal Trainer Williamstown

Fortify Fitness provides professional personal training for Williamstown residents. Specialising in weight loss, strength, rehab and treating medical conditions, Fortify Fitness has all your health and transformation needs covered.

Fortify Fitness Altona, a private workout studio, holds expertise in strength, fitness, rehabilitation, and transformative exercises. Our personal trainers are deeply knowledgeable about the body’s response to physical exertion and its progression over time. This understanding equips us to create and implement bespoke exercise routines for individuals spanning all ages and fitness levels, helping them meet their fitness goals.

Small Group Training Classes.

If you crave an exercise routine that is as much about social engagement as it is about targeted goals and performance, our group classes are for you. They are inclusive of all fitness stages and will stimulate your competitive edge, propelling you to exceed your own expectations.

1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions.

Personal training sessions are conducted on a one-to-one basis, along with exercise regimens fine-tuned to a client’s precise fitness aims, demands, and potential.

Offering a holistic approach on nutritional intake, lifestyle habits, and motivation, so you achieve goals fast. 

How We Work

Your training is based on the goals you’ve set in your consultation. From there we create a tailored program which is progressed each week.

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Let us be part of your journey to your goals.

Set up your consultation today.

From weight loss and body transformations to building strength or recovery, Fortify Fitness is committed to supporting your fitness goals.

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Whether you want weight loss, transformation, strength building or rehab, Fortify Fitness is here to help you.