Looking For a Mature and Trustworthy Personal Trainer in Yarraville?

Matt from Fortify Fitness is your Yarraville personal trainer locals trust most. From 1-on-1 personal training, group PT and online coaching sessions, you can be sure he has all your fitness needs covered.

Results are guaranteed, cared for and makes all coaching sessions fun. With workout variety, great exercise selection and pushing you beyond your comfort zone, you’re quickly motivated to achieve your full potential. 


Your Yarraville Personal Trainer.

With over 9 years industry experience and a university level fitness education you can be confident Matt has all your needs covered.

Feel free to scroll through, check our testimonials, watch a few videos and learn about us.

Then, either call, enquire or apply for your free consult and let’s transform you today.

Matt is your Yarraville personal trainer.

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Matt is your Yarraville personal fitness coach whose known for getting results. He’s also caring and easy to work with.

With over 8 years of coaching experience, Matt provides you with the confidence needed to achieve the results you desire.

In addition to being a personal trainer, Matt is also a high performance coach. This means, if you ever need a boost in motivation, or need help breaking through a ‘sticking point’, Matt can help.

In other words, Matt has everything you need, from fitness coaching, motivation and everything in between, ensuring a long-term transformation.

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What Other Are Saying...

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Rina Lekkas Google review about how much she enjoyed her fitness training sessions.
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Tara Baker's google review mentioning how Matt makes his gym training sessions interesting.
Sascha mentioning how Fortify Fitness Matt gave her confidence in herself and in her training.
Kirsten's google review talking about how Matt makes his gym sessions really fun and how excited she is about reaching her training goals.
Alex's review talking about how Matt learns how your mind works to achieve great training results.

Fortify Fitness is Not Your Average Yarraville Fitness Training Facility.

Below are 3 reasons why Yarraville locals trust Matt for their 1-on-1 Personal Training and Group Fitness:

  • Fitness Training With Progress Management and Exercise Tracking.

    We don't just do 'training'. First, your needs are understood, goals are set and we work towards achieving your goals through exercise progression and tracking. This way, you're continually getting results.

  • Changing Your Lifestyle Habits To Support Your Goals.

    Altering your lifestyle habits with a boost in motivation, yields faster results. And because of this, your lifestyle habits and progression are for the long-term.

  • High Performance Mindset Coaching and Discipline.

    Discipline and mindset are the core pillars to your transformation success. Once you take control of your actions and know where you're heading, then the rest is easy. Being in control of your mindset eliminates most of the set-backs people commonly experience.

Searching For A Yarraville Fitness Trainer That Provides Motivating Workouts?

The exercise variety Fortify Fitness provides has its purpose: It’s geared towards your goals. In addition, it’s enjoyable, motivational and fun.

Weight loss becomes easier, healthy eating becomes a new habit, stress levels are reduced and you have a stronger mindset.

  • Simplified Weight Loss.

    How much motivation will you have when you start seeing results weekly?

  • Personal Training Sessions That Reduce Stress.

    Our exercises work with your body and current fitness levels. As a result, you'll feel less stressed and can cope with whatever life throws at you.

  • Specialist Exercises For Faster Results.

    When exercises are specifically tailored for your body type and goals, you'll see results almost immediately.

  • Nutrition and Mindset.

    With a purpose, a well organised exercise structure and healthy eating habits, Fortify Fitness is here to make you achieve greatness with your transformation.

Here's What To Expert Within Just The First Few Weeks Training With Us:

The Fortify Fitness 3-Pillar Experience.

You’re provided with a holistic personal fitness journey. All aspects of your transformation are taken care of.

Matt takes the time to understand your goals, listens and adjusts each workout for continual success.

1: Listening To Your Needs.
Matt listens to your needs and sets your goals. As your personal trainer, your sessions are based on how you feel and workouts are adjusted to get the best result for that day.
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2: Exercise Progression Management.
Matt manages your exercises, progress and tracking, so you don't have to. When you’re professionally managed, your results would never stagnate.
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3: Expert Personal Training Sessions.
Matt makes sure each workout and exercise selection is designed to get you results. He also makes sure you’re performing each exercise correctly. As a result, your workouts are short, efficient with quicker strength gains. You'll feel yourself getting stronger with a changing body after each session.
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Matt VS his client in the TRX challenge.

Choose Your Training:

1-On-1 Personal Training.

Warm, caring professional 1-on-1  private training sessions.

With our one-on-training, Matt is your dedicated, private fitness coach.

This is for those wanting to work privately and get quicker results.

Small Group Fitness Training.

The perfect alternative to 1-on-1 Personal Training.

Our group training options are for those wanting to work with like-minded people.

Matt still manages your progress, corrects your technique and provides FUN workouts you’ll enjoy.

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Fortify Fitness Willisamstown North.
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